Business Etiquette: 101 Ways to Conduct Business with Charm and Savvy

What exactly is “business appropriate?
  • When is it appropriate to send a thank you via e-mail?
  • When is it considered uncivil to use a cell phone?
  • What are the do’s and taboos of interacting with international clients?
You’ll get the answers to these and other questions in the third edition of BUSINESS ETIQUETTE: 101 WAYS TO CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH CHARM AND SAVVY. A practical business survival guide for executives, managers, sales people, customer service teams – anyone involved in day-to-day business operations. BUSINESS ETIQUETTE will help you survive and thrive in today’s competitive business world.

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This book teaches individuals how to represent their companies, their products, and themselves with confidence, polish, warmth, and professionalism.
John Daw, Vice President of Field Sales, Marriott Lodging
Helps individuals to determine which behaviors to maintain and which to modify in order to achieve confidence and, ultimately, success in the world of business.
Robyn M. Hildal, Ed. D., Human Resources Manager, The E.W. Scripps Company
Up-to-date and easy to read – a big departure from most business etiquette books.
Sheila Casserly, President, Celebrity Focus
Assists individuals in enhancing their understanding of the ‘perception impact.’
William H. Bagley, Human Resources Professional
Both young and old, experienced and novice alike can benefit from this book.
C. Dean Ferguson, Director of Educational Services, Delta Sigma Pi