Beyond Business Casual: What to Wear to work if you want to get ahead

BEYOND BUSINESS CASUAL reminds readers that right or wrong, how they dress has a lot to say about how far their careers will advance.

Beyond Business Casual addresses:

  • The dress faux pas most commonly made in business today.
  • What employees should wear when their organizations don’t have a written dress code.
  • Whom to emulate on business casual day.
  • The real definition of business casual.
  • How to add clout to what you say by what you wear.

Beyond Business Casual is laid out in a series of steps. You can go through the steps in sequence or you can skim through the table of contents to find the information and advice you need. The book is filled with real-life examples from the author’s workshop participants and others whom she has coached to look the professional part.

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“A great book that everyone in today’s business world will find useful from soon-to-be college graduates all the way up the ladder to the boss. It captures the fundamentals, written and unwritten, about proper attire in the workplace and the impact it has on both expectations and perceptions. It’s also a good refresher for seasoned managers.”
Oscar Rodriguez, General Manager, Chicago O'Hare Marriott
“An invaluable resource. Everybody whose appearance matters could benefit from reading this book”
James R. Canova, President, Tech Electronics, Inc.
“This book answers all the questions college students are afraid to ask and even some they didn’t know they had.”
K. Angelle Bujol, Executive Director, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Inc.
“Timely and easy-to-read. This book will prevent individuals from making image mistakes that can have a significant negative impact on how they are perceived by others. At a time when so much has been said about what is appropriate vs. inappropriate business casual dress, Sabath’s book is a clarifying benchmark for setting people in the right direction.”
Bill Bagley, Human Resource & Recruiting Director, Deloitte & Touche - Cincinnati